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Henderson County Beekeepers Association

2018 Beekeeping School

Bee School has started.  Classes run through February 26.  Our first Apiary session is scheduled for March 10th dependent on weather.  This session will focus on building hive stands, assembling frames and hive bodies, lighting smokers. Our first in hive session is scheduled for April 7 at 11 am.  Please bring a veil.

If you are currently enrolled in bee school, please go the the Education Page and TAKE THE SURVEY after each class.  There will be a prizes awaded the following week for particpants.


Bee School Apiary Sessions begin March 3

Our 1st Apiary Session begins March 3  weather permitting at Historic Johnson Farm, 3346 Haywood Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28791

We will be putting together hive bodies, frames,  hive stands and lighting smokers.  If you plan to join us, please send an email to and tell us how many will be there.  Thanks so much.

 Request for Speaker

Requests for an HCBA guest speaker may be directed to HCBA Director of External Communications, Jim Poe,

Stay Informed!

HCBA uses several communications vehicles:

  • The website at  click here will give a summary of club communications
  • The calendar of Events click here will provide specific details on scheduled events such as topic, date, time, location and and agenda. For directions via google maps, click on the icon next to the address.
  • Newsletters will be published approx monthly. For the most part, the content will mirror the website, with the addition of some unique articles.
  • Facebook click here  (or search on Henderson County Beekeepers in facebook) will provide the opportunity to chat with fellow beekeepers via social media. Ask questions, post pictures, tell tall tales, share your beekeeping experiences. Although club communications will often find their way here, please use the website or Newsletter to stay abreast of events and happenings.
  • Twitter click here.  If you follow hcbeekeepers, you will receive tweets (think text messages) regarding club news!
  • Periodic ‘special’ emails, such as the Michael Palmer seminar held early this year. The Newsletter represents the monthly email you will receive from HCBA.

Your Contact Information

HCBA member contact information (phone number and email address) is only used to contact members for ‘official’ club business!  Please keep your contact information up to date. To do so,  log in and update your profile.  Should you forget your password you may request a new password.
HCBA now has a ‘privacy policy.‘  HCBA will never share your personal information with 3rd parties!


For event details please check our calendar of events

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