2018 Beginner Beekeeper Education Assignments

Instructors often request students to prep for the class by completing selected readings and/or viewing videos. You have and will invested valuable time and dollars by enrolling in and attending this class. Get the most for your investment and complete the recommended work prior to class… your bees will appreciate it!

All reading is from Beekeeping for Dummies 4th Edition, unless otherwise indicated. Each attendee receives a copy of Beekeeping for Dummies, no additional charge beyond enrollment fees.

DateModule NameInstructor NameRecommended
Jan 15An Intro to Bee Keeping, How to get the most out of Bee School
Stuart van MeterPBS Tales from the Hive
Why the Bees are Disappearing
2018 PP Stuart Van Meter edited
The History of BeekeepingGary German2018History of Bee Keeping
Jan 22Bee Biology and the super organism
Sarah McKinneyChapter 2Biology of the Honeybee
Jan 29Terminology and Parts of the HivePatrice German Chapter 5Terminology and Parts of the Hive
Getting Started with BeesStuart Van MeterChapters 6Northern Raised Nucleus Colony Installation
Honey Bee Package Installation
Dr. Tarpy-Queen Issues
Getting Started with Bees
Feb 5Spring Management and Swarm Managment
Burton BeaslyChapter 10 pg 193 thru 199;
Watching for Swarm Cells-pg. 179. 206-215
2018 Spring & swarm management
Feb 12Diseases and Parasites of the hiveLewis CaubleChapter 11 and 12Honey Bee Coalition Varroa Management Guide Honey Bee Viruses Bee Health A Field Guide to Honey Bees and their Maladies Rosenkranz-Biology-Control-Varroa-2010HBHC-Guide_Varroa_Mgmt_6thEd_7April2017_c
Feb 19Summer, Fall and winter Management
Scott DavisChapter 10 pg 192 thru 203;
Pg 166 thru 168
Bear FencingDavid Foti
Feb 26Most Frequent Problems for a New Beekeeper
● Review of some key points covered in class.
● Lessons from their beginner beekeeper experiences.
● Q&A
Panel Discussion