2017 Beginner Beekeeper Education Assignments

Instructors often request students to prep for the class by completing selected readings and/or viewing videos. You have and will invested valuable time and dollars by enrolling in and attending this class. Get the most for your investment and complete the recommended work prior to class… your bees will appreciate it!

All reading is from Beekeeping for Dummies, unless otherwise indicated. Each attendee receives a copy of Beekeeping for Dummies, no additional charge beyond enrollment fees.

DateModule NameInstructor NameRecommended
Jan 16Bee Biology - The colony
Janet Petersonpages 25 to 39 and
Review of J Ellis SuperOrganism
Superorganism 2017
The History of BeekeepingGary GermanHistory of Beekeeping
Jan 23Bee Biology - The individual bee
Carl Chesick
Bee Biology 101
The HCBA Support SystemAntoine Ignizio
Jan 30Terminology and Parts of the HiveDavid George read pages 83-91, 112-115Terminology and Parts of the Hive
Getting StartedChris Aamodt Chapters 6 and 7Northern Raised Nucleus Colony Installation
Honey Bee Package Installation
Getting Started with Bees
Feb 6The symbiotic relationship between bees and plants
Seasonal Hive Management
Burton Beasly initial-investment
Bear FencingSean Collingsworth
Feb 13Diseases and Parasites of the hiveLewis CaubleHoney Bee Coalition Varroa Management Guide Honey Bee Viruses Bee Health A Field Guide to Honey Bees and their Maladies Rosenkranz-Biology-Control-Varroa-2010
Feb 20Swarms
Phil HolbertChapter 10 pg 192 thru 203;
Pg 166 thru 168 Watching for Swarm Cells;
Pg 183 Reversing Hive Bodies
Apiary SafetyBetsy Georgeread pages 18, 50-53Apiary Safety
Feb 27Review, Q&AsBetsy George, et alBeginner Beekeepers