2017 Beginner Beekeeper Education Assignments

Instructors often request students to prep for the class by completing selected¬†readings and/or viewing videos. You have and will invested valuable time and dollars by enrolling in and attending this class. Get the most for your investment¬†and complete the recommended work prior to class… your bees will appreciate it!

All reading is from Beekeeping for Dummies, unless otherwise indicated. Each attendee receives a copy of Beekeeping for Dummies, no additional charge beyond enrollment fees.

DateModule NameInstructor NameRecommended
Jan 16Bee Biology - The colony
Janet Petersonpages 25 to 39 and
Review of J Ellis SuperOrganism
Superorganism 2017
The History of BeekeepingGary GermanHistory of Beekeeping
Jan 23Bee Biology - The individual bee
Carl Chesick
Bee Biology 101
The HCBA Support SystemAntoine Ignizio
Jan 30Terminology and Parts of the HiveDavid George read pages 83-91, 112-115Terminology and Parts of the Hive
Getting StartedChris Aamodt Chapters 6 and 7Northern Raised Nucleus Colony Installation
Honey Bee Package Installation
Getting Started with Bees
Feb 6The symbiotic relationship between bees and plants
Seasonal Hive Management
Burton Beasly initial-investment
Bear FencingSean Collingsworth
Feb 13Diseases and Parasites of the hiveLewis CaubleHoney Bee Coalition Varroa Management Guide Honey Bee Viruses Bee Health A Field Guide to Honey Bees and their Maladies Rosenkranz-Biology-Control-Varroa-2010
Feb 20Swarms
Phil HolbertChapter 10 pg 192 thru 203;
Pg 166 thru 168 Watching for Swarm Cells;
Pg 183 Reversing Hive Bodies
Apiary SafetyBetsy Georgeread pages 18, 50-53Apiary Safety
Feb 27Review, Q&AsBetsy George, et alBeginner Beekeepers