Black Jar Honey Contest Rules (HCBA only)

  1. Entrees must be submitted by a HCBA member beekeeper in good standing and be pure unadulterated honey produced by his or her bees.
  2. Entrees must be bottled in  glass”queenline”  one lb. containers. 1 jar shall be without identifying marks, while the other two must have the beekeeper’s label attached as he or she would when offering their honey for sale.
  3. Judging will be done by popular vote of club members.
  4. Winner will be announced the night of the meeting
  5. Multiple entries are allowed, but limited to 3 per membership.
  6. HCBA winner will be provided entry into the Center for Honeybee Research Black Jar Contest
  7. The HCBA winner’s 3 jars of honey will be forwarded to the Center for Honeybee Research for inclusion in the Black Jar Honey Contest. All other jars of honey will be returned to the owner
  8. An e-mail address is required and will be used to update contestants about judging, awards, and related news as details become available.
  9. The following information must accompany each entry and must legible:
    1. First name:
    2. Last Name:
    3. Email:
    4. Phone: