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2024 Bee School Sign up is now open!!

HCBA Bee School starts January 8, 2024 on Zoom and/or in person at the county Extension office and runs for 7 consecutive Mondays from 7pm-9pm.  Additionally there will be several sessions (up to 6 depending on weather) in the Apiary/outdoor area at Historic Johnson Farm on Haywood Rd./Hwy 191 in Hendersonville, NC.   Cost for Bee School is $75 – $15 to join the Association and $60 per family for class (including textbook). Henderson County Beginner Bee School enrollment requires a current HCBA membership. Please join HCBA by following this link.       Please note – emails to complete registration will be sent to the email address you use for PayPal. 

Once you have joined HCBA, you will receive an email from  You must complete the profile and set up your user name and password.  Now that you have a valid  membership, log in to the HCBA website (click here to log in).

Before signing up for Bee School, read this…

At this point, you are finally ready to enroll in the 2023 Beginner Bee School by paying below. But, before enrolling, if you haven’t done so yet, please read the document – Is beekeeping right for you? (If you do not see the  button below, you are not logged into this site so you must go to “click here to log in” above).

Apologies for the multi-step process on joining HCBA and then paying for class… its the best I can do on the cheap.

Click on the Buy Now button below to purchase a seat in the 2023 Beginner Bee School. Payment processing is via PayPal.

Now, I am going to ask for one more thing… I know, I know… send an email to and let me know if you want to attend in person or by Zoom and if a spouse or family member will be joining you (free with the family membership).

If you have successfully completed all these steps, you are more than qualified to become a successful Beekeeper!  You might even want to consider running for President (of HCBA, of course).

Become a Member and Receive
10 Hours of Instruction from Tom Repas

Henderson County Beekeepers Association hosted Special Speaker award-winning mead maker, beekeeper, and doctor, Tom Repas on May 5th & 6th, 2023. The LIVE, unedited ZOOM recordings of his two-day (10-hour!) presentations are available once you become a club member for only $15 a year. Tom Repas discusses, “Genetic Diversity In Honey Bees, Queen Bee Basics, Sustainable Beekeeping and Basics of Mead Making.” If you aren’t a member and would like access to these recordings to listen to in your car or on your own computer or smartphone at a time convenient to you, please join our bee club at and then email or for the UNLISTED and BEE CLUB MEMBER only program viewing links. We will verify your current membership dues payment.

Read Past Newsletters

If you have information for our HCBA Newsletter, check our website calendar for deadlines and distribution dates. Read past issues of the HCBA Newsletter.

“Bee” Social Gatherings

Meet fellow beekeepers! Drink a brew, bite a chew, and have a chat. Second Mondays 7-9 pm each Month. Check the calendar of events to participate:

Beekeepers In The News

Henderson County Beekeepers have been in the news!

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Got Swarms ???

If you have a swarm on your property, we probably have someone willing to come get it. Click on the link and call whoever covers your area or call 828 BEE 5623 (828-233-5623)

🌞 Apiary News 🌚

7/10/23 Good morning everyone; we hope you’re having a good summer and the girls are doing great for you. We will be having an apiary session Sunday the sixteenth of July at historic Johnson Farm from twelve to two p.m. due to the NC conference occurring on Saturday. We don’t want to conflict with that function. Will be covering the spectrum of my mite Treatments available to protect your honeybees. We will also be doing a demonstration an application of Thymol(Apiguard), For the colonies at the apiary, we look forward to seeing you then and remember to park in the front lot and enter through the exit area. And as always, We will do our best to answer any questions you may have Antoine.🐝

The club’s Apiary is located at  Historic Johnson Farm on Haywood Rd/Rte 191 across from Rugby Middle school. Check Facebook for last-minute updates on the weather and how it affects apiary sessions, workshops, and so forth. Remember to enter through the exit, park in the parking lot to the right and walk to the back of the property. 🐝

Membership Lapsed?

You may renew your membership at the link below and you will again be eligible for ALL the benefits of being a member of HCBA.

Renew Here or if you’re having trouble with the website, you can pay via Venmo (Note: you know you’re at the right Venmo account when you see the honey comb behind the HCBA logo.)

Meeting Minutes

HCBA Meeting Minutes, Board Meeting minutes  are now available online.  Email for a link.

Request for Speakers

HCBA has a commitment to education. Therefore, HCBA attends festivals as well as going to schools, clubs and other opportunities to speak with the public about Beekeeping and pollinators in general.

Requests for an HCBA guest speaker may be directed to Dan Bowen at

HCBA Speakers Series

HCBA runs a Speakers Series for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Beekeepers.
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You do not have to be a member to join our newsletter.

See current speaker list and visit the HCBA YouTube Channel to meet our leaders and speakers.2023 Beek Speaker Lineup So, print/post this and share it with other beekeepers you know. Thank you!

When our regular meeting place at Jackson Park Extension Office is too small for meetings and speakers, we use the Operations Center, 305 Williams Street, Hendersonville, NC 28792

HCBA Non-members speaker fees vary (Tom Repas $25 both days; Phoebe Snyder $15, Ian Steppler $25) Pay for one speaker or HCBA membership with Venmo
HCBA Members: Free (RSVP here at Facebook)
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Stay Informed!

HCBA uses several communications vehicles:

  • The website at  click here will give a summary of club communications
  • The calendar of Events click here will provide specific details on scheduled events such as topic, date, time, location and agenda. For directions via google maps, click on the icon next to the address.
  • Newsletters will be published approx. monthly. For the most part, the content will mirror the website, with the addition of some unique articles.  The Newsletter represents the monthly email you will receive from HCBA.
  • Facebook click here  (or search on Henderson County Beekeepers in facebook) will provide the opportunity to chat with fellow beekeepers via social media. Ask questions, post pictures, tell tall tales, share your beekeeping experiences. Although club communications will often find their way here, please use the website or Newsletter to stay abreast of events and happenings.
  • Periodic ‘special’ emails, such as announcements of special speakers or programs, will be published as needs dictate.

Your Contact Information

HCBA member contact information (phone number and email address) is only used to contact members for ‘official’ club business!  Please keep your contact information up to date. To do so, log in and update your profile. Should you forget your password, you may request a new password.

HCBA now has a privacy policy.  HCBA will never share your personal information with 3rd parties!

HCBA Calendar of Events



For event details, please check our calendar of events

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