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March 2023 Newsletter

If you have information for our April Newsletter, check our website calendar for deadlines and distribution dates. Read the March 2023 HCBA Newsletter.

“Bee” Social Gatherings

Meet fellow beekeepers! Drink a brew, bite a chew, and have a chat. Second Mondays 7-9 pm each Month. Check the calendar of events to participate:

Beekeepers In The News

Henderson County Beekeepers have been in the news!

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Got Swarms ???

If you have a swarm on your property, we probably have someone willing to come get it. Click on the link and call whoever covers your area or call 828 BEE 5623 (828-233-5623)

🌞 Apiary News 🌚

Greetings all!

     We are scheduling our final Bee School Apiary Workshop for Saturday, March 25 at 1PM at the Apiary at Johnson farm. 2023 Bee school students will be given priority so if you’d like to go please call 828.817.4034 or RSVP at this Facebook event. The weather looks like it should cooperate BUT we may call a last minute change of plans if the forecast turns out to be less than accurate.  At this session we will perform an actual installation of a NUC (Nucleus colony) into a 10 frame deep hive body.  As the weather is expected to be warm there will be lots of bees flying so make sure to bring your bee suit, gloves and any and all questions you may have. We’ll see you all Saturday, take care, Dan.

PS: Years ago, HCBA President, Michelle Tennant, videotaped her Bee School NUC Installation. For those of you who can’t make it Saturday, here is her video:

The club’s Apiary is located at  Historic Johnson Farm (select link for info) on Haywood Rd/Rte 191 across from Rugby Middle school.

Remember to enter through the exit, park in the parking lot to the right and walk to the back of the property. 🐝

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Meeting Minutes

HCBA Meeting Minutes, Board Meeting minutes  are now available online.  Email for a link.

Request for Speakers

HCBA has a commitment to education. Therefore, HCBA attends festivals as well as going to schools, clubs and other opportunities to speak with the public about Beekeeping and pollinators in general.

Requests for an HCBA guest speaker may be directed to Dan Bowen at

HCBA Speakers Series

HCBA runs a Speakers Series for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Beekeepers.
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