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Local Honey
Local Merch

We are selling, “Pardon the weeds; we’re feeding the bees,” signs
as a fundraiser for honey bee research.
Pay $15/sign to our Venmo account or write a check and pickup the sign at 1st Choice Graphics. HCBA has partnered with 1st Choice Graphics on Spartanburg Highway to provide on-demand t-shirts, hats, cups, signs and more. Visit our online store or stop by 1st Choice Graphics.

Connect with local honey sellers here.

HCBA Newsletters

If you have information for beekeepers (beeks), check our website calendar for deadlines.
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“Bee” Social Gatherings

Meet fellow beekeepers! Drink a brew, bite a chew, and have a chat. Check our calendar of events.

Honey Seller List

NameApiary/FarmAddressPhoneEmailApiary/Farm Facts
Jim PoePoe’s Backyard BeesWillow St. Hendersonville, NC 28739jpoephoto@aol.comState Certified Honey Producer
Pat and Gretchen RoeChickabee Hill Farm and Apiary2307 Old Kanuga Rd, Hendersonville 28739mpatroe@gmail.comState Certified Honey Producer
Mike GecewiczCarolina Bee Farm1734 Brevard Rd.
Hendersonville, NC 28791
828-595-9899sales@carolinabeefarm.comOver 30 different types of honey
Lisa BurnsWhispering Hills
Padma DyvineBear Branch ApiaryBat Cave,
Randy and Cindy HadornBeagle
Hannah HallBirds of the Air Artist-Hannah’s HoneySaluda, NC828-989-8342hannahfhall@gmail.comNC Inspected and Responsibly Managed
TJ and Luis OlveraMisty Mountain Gardens & ApiaryHendersonville, NC and Etowah, NCtj.olvera@gmail.comHenderson Co Tailgate Market Sat 8-12; Etowah Farmers Market Wed 3-6
Bruce JonesBruce’s Bees232 Raintree Drive, Hendersonville, NC
Beth RytzThe Befuddled Bee Apiary6 Meadows Circle, Arden, NC
Gary ClementsCannon Creek FarmsCannon Drive, Hendersonville, NC
John SavagePalmetto Bee Farm14 Bentwood Lane, Fletcher, NC 28732828-767-9006jpsavage49@gmail.comCertified Honey Producer
Kris and Alex BoonForge Meadow Honey53 Allison Rd., Mills River, NC
Scott DavisFancy Bear FarmsFairview, Bat Cave, Lake Lure, Edneyville828-712-6074honey@fancybearfarms.comState Certified Honey Producer

Got Swarms ???

If you have a swarm on your property, we probably have someone willing to come get it. Click on the link for local contact or call 828 BEE 5623 (828-233-5623)

🐝 🐝 🐝 Apiary News 🐝 🐝 🐝

Good afternoon everyone, I hope all our mothers had a wonderful day!  We will be having an apiary session this Saturday, May 18th, from 10-12 at Historic Johnson Farm on 191 across from Rugby Middle School.  We will be covering summer management, manipulation of your hive, equalization of resources – i.e. brood and honey, and checker boarding.  We will also review reading your frames and proper identification of queen cups etc.  We will also be discussing how and when to super your colonies, and making nucleus hives if necessary.  As always, we look forward to your questions and we shall do our best to answer them.  Remember to come in the exit and park in the front lot. Antoine 😊🐝

NOTE: The weather may change the schedule. We post changes here and on our Facebook page.  To participate in inspections, please wear your protective gear.  We look forward to seeing you there! Remember, per farm agreement, please enter through the exit, park in the front lot, and walk back to the apiary. Thank you.

Bee Photo Contest

Want to see your photos featured on the HCBA website? Submit horizontal photos to
Current photo credits go to: TJ Olvera, Danna Edwards, Michelle Tennant, and Shannon Nicholson. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty bees bring to our lives.

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Meeting Minutes

HCBA Meeting Minutes, Board Meeting minutes are now available online; email

Request for Speakers

HCBA members attend festivals, schools, and gatherings to educate the public on pollinators.
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HCBA Speakers Series

HCBA runs a Speakers Series for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Beekeepers.
Thanks to our 2024 Bee School Speakers: Kim Bailey, Shane Masterson, Pat Roe, Jim Poe, Will Garvey, Janet Peterson (Master Beekeeper), Lewis Cauble,
Scott Davis (Master Beekeeper), Rick Manning, Antoine Ignizio, and all our volunteers.
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Visit the HCBA YouTube Channel to meet some of our past leaders and speakers.

HCBA Member Benefits

Joining this local beekeeping club offers several key benefits:

Knowledge Sharing: HCBA hosts meetings, workshops, and training sessions where experienced beekeepers share their knowledge and expertise with members. This exchange of information can be invaluable for both beginners and experienced beekeepers alike.

Hands-on Learning: HCBA offers hands-on training sessions at apiaries where members can gain practical experience working with bees under the guidance of experienced beekeepers. This can help members develop their beekeeping skills and gain confidence in managing their hives.

Networking Opportunities: Being part of a beekeeping club provides opportunities to connect with other beekeepers in your area. Networking with fellow beekeepers can help you get advice, share resources, and build a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Access to Resources: HCBA has a lending library, equipment rentals, and discounts on beekeeping supplies for their members. These resources can be valuable for beekeepers looking to expand their knowledge and equipment inventory without breaking the bank

Community Involvement: HCBA is involved in community outreach and education initiatives, such as school presentations, public demonstrations, and local honey sales. Being part of a club allows members to participate in these activities and contribute to promoting beekeeping and pollinator conservation in Henderson County.

Support and Mentorship: Joining HCBA provides access to a supportive network of fellow beekeepers who can offer advice, guidance, and mentorship. Whether you’re dealing with hive management challenges or just looking for encouragement, fellow club members can be a valuable source of support.

Access to Queen Bees and Nucleus Colonies: HCBA facilitates discount purchases (and sometimes giveaways) of queen bees and nucleus colonies, which can be more cost-effective than sourcing them individually. This can be particularly beneficial for beginners who are just starting out and need to establish their hives. See sponsors of our January and February Bee School supplies and giveaways below.

Overall, being a member of the Henderson County Beekeepers Association offers numerous benefits that can enhance your beekeeping experience and help you become a more successful and knowledgeable beekeeper.

Henderson County Beekeepers Association is a chapter of North Carolina State Beekeepers Association


Your Contact Information

HCBA member contact information (phone number and email address) is only used to contact members for ‘official’ club business!  Please keep your contact information up to date. To do so, log in and update your profile. Should you forget your password, you may request a new password. HCBA now has a privacy policy.  HCBA will never share your personal information with 3rd parties!


HCBA Calendar of Events



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