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2023 Bee School Sign up is Open

Enrollment for 2023 Bee School is open. The cost for Bee School is $75 – $15 to join the association and $60 for the class and the textbook. Before signing up for Bee School, read this document to see if it’s really for you – link: “Is beekeeping right for you“. Now that you’re sure, follow this link to access the enrollment page Bee School enrollment Link . Classes are Monday nights January 9- February 20 and are either in person or on Zoom. There will be live bee school apiary sessions as soon as the weather warms up a little (end of Feb/beginning of March).

HCBA Monthly Meeting – Third Monday of the Month

Join us at 7pm

So come on out to the Cooperative Extension Office at 100 Jackson Park Rd. in Hendersonville on the third Monday at 7 PM (come early to chat with similarly afflicted people) to learn things you really want to know and need to know in order to keep your bees healthy. See ya then.

Got Swarms???

If you have a swarm on your property, we probably have someone willing to come get it. Click on the link and call whoever covers your area or call 828 BEE 5623 (828-233-5623)

Next Apiary Session – Saturday Oct. 8th at 10 am

Good morning everyone, things have been very busy for our club members. With the Apple Festival and the Mountain State Fair behind us we have been doing our part to educate and inform everyone about our club and our passion for our honeybees. We have been working behind the scenes at the Apiary and have done another treatment for mite control. That being said, we will have our next Apiary session on Saturday, October 8th, from 10-12. We will doing hive manipulation for winter preparation , and discussing feeding methods for this time, hefting your colonies and preform a dry run for oxalic acid treatment. Please make sure to watch your hive weight as the dearth can really diminish your bees resources. Remember, no nectar has been coming in and our bees remain very active. They can eat through their honey very quickly, so keep some sugar water inside the hives as well as some sugar cake. I will post the week of the 8th to remind everyone of the session. Antoine 🐝

Apiary sessions are held at the club’s apiary at  Historic Johnson Farm (select link for info) on Haywood Rd/Rte 191 across from Rugby Middle school.

Remember to enter through the exit, park in the parking lot to the right and walk to the back of the property. 🐝

Membership lapsed?

You may renew your membership at the link below and you will again be eligible for ALL the benefits of being a member of HCBA.

Renew Here

HCBA Meeting Minutes

HCBA Meeting Minutes, Board Meeting minutes  are now available online.  Email for a link

   Request for Speaker

Requests for an HCBA guest speaker may be directed to HCBA Director of External Communications, Jim Poe,


Stay Informed!

HCBA uses several communications vehicles:

  • The website at  click here will give a summary of club communications
  • The calendar of Events click here will provide specific details on scheduled events such as topic, date, time, location and agenda. For directions via google maps, click on the icon next to the address.
  • Newsletters will be published approx. monthly. For the most part, the content will mirror the website, with the addition of some unique articles.  The Newsletter represents the monthly email you will receive from HCBA.
  • Facebook click here  (or search on Henderson County Beekeepers in facebook) will provide the opportunity to chat with fellow beekeepers via social media. Ask questions, post pictures, tell tall tales, share your beekeeping experiences. Although club communications will often find their way here, please use the website or Newsletter to stay abreast of events and happenings.
  • Periodic ‘special’ emails, such as announcements of special speakers or programs, will be published as needs dictate.

Your Contact Information

HCBA member contact information (phone number and email address) is only used to contact members for ‘official’ club business!  Please keep your contact information up to date. To do so,  log in and update your profile.  Should you forget your password you may request a new password.
HCBA now has a ‘privacy policy.‘  HCBA will never share your personal information with 3rd parties!



For event details please check our calendar of events

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