2023 Beginner Beekeeper Education Assignments

Instructors often request students to prep for the class by completing selected readings and/or viewing videos. You have invested valuable time and dollars by enrolling in and attending this class. Get the most for your investment and complete the recommended work prior to class… your bees will appreciate it!

All reading is from The Backyard Beekeeper 4th Edition, unless otherwise indicated.

DateModule NameInstructorRecommended ReadingRecommended ViewingInstructor Material
Before ClassWhy Bees are Disappearing
We can save bees together
Beekeeping Equipment for Beginners
Jan 9IntroductionPat Roe
Welcome to your Journey into Beekeeping.Kim BaileyIntro & Getting Started p.11-31
Terminology & Parts of the Hive DemonstrationsShane MastersonEquipment--p.32-41
Top Bar Hive-p.41-52
Suits and Equipment-p.52-62
Beekeeping Equipment for Beginners
Jan 16Getting Started with BeesJim Poe/Pat RoePackages--p.116-123
Record Keeping-p.131-132
Hive Inspections-p.132-139
Nuc InstallGetting Started with Bees 2022
Bear FencingWill GarveyHow To Electric Fence for BearsBear Fencing in not Optional
Jan 23Life Cycle of a BeeJanet PetersonBee biology & Life cycle -p.75-111Bee Biology-Jamie EllisJanet Peterson "The Superorganism"
Jan 30Spring Seasonal ManagementScott DavisSeasonal & swarm management--p.180-189First year BeesSwarm Prevention
Feb 6Summer/Fall Seasonal ManagementScott DavisSummer management—p.168-172
Honey collection & extraction—p.172-179
Feb 13Diseases and Parasites of the hiveLewis CaubleIpm / varroa-p.139-166