2019 Beginner Beekeeper Education Assignments

Instructors often request students to prep for the class by completing selected readings and/or viewing videos. You have and will invested valuable time and dollars by enrolling in and attending this class. Get the most for your investment and complete the recommended work prior to class… your bees will appreciate it!

All reading is from The Backyard BeeKeeper 4th Edition, unless otherwise indicated.

DateModule NameInstructor NameRecommended
Jan 14An Intro to Bee Keeping, How to get the most out of Bee School
Kim BaileyBeginning Beekeeping
Why the Bees are Disappearing
The History of BeekeepingGary German1 History of Bee Keeping Jan 2019
Jan 21Bee Biology and the super organism
Jeanette KlopchinChapter 2 (starts page 75)Biology of the HoneybeeHendersonville BA 2019

Honey Bees as Superorganisms
Jan 28Terminology and Parts of the HiveLee WickerPages 32-74Bee School Presentation January 2019
Getting Started with BeesChris Aamodtpages 64-65, 116-122Installing a Nuc
Installing a Package
Feb 4Summer, Fall and winter Management

Scott Davis
Feb 11Swarm ManagmentBurton BeaslySwarm Control
Swarm Traps
Bear FencesRicky Manning
Feb 18Diseases and Parasites of the hiveLewis Cauble128-135,168-174Lewis Cauble edit
Feb 25Most Frequent Problems for a New Beekeeper
● Review of some key points covered in class.
● Lessons from their beginner beekeeper experiences.
● Q&A
Panel Discussion