2021 Bee School Syllabus

Here is how 2021 Bee School will go. Each class is 90 minutes with a 5 minute break in the middle. There will lots of hands on teaching and plenty of time for questions. Please log on by 630pm so we can get everyone logged in and registered

SessionModuleClass TimeInstructor
Jan 11, 2021
Introductions & Overview
Ownership, mentorship, continuing education
10 minPat Roe, President HCBA
Henderson County CED, Henderson County Extension5 minDr. Terry Kelley
Welcome to your journey into BeeKeeping-60 minKim Bailey
Terminology & Parts of the Hive Demonstrations

25 minShane Masterson
Two Jan 18, 2021Getting Started
Packages and Nucs
Where to obtain Bees
How do I get them in the box.
60 minJim Poe and Pat Roe
Jan 25, 2021
Life Cycle of the Bee

55 MinJanet Peterson
The power of having a mentor15Jerica Klinker, Michael Gilligan
Bear Fences....Its Electric15 minWill Garvey
February 1,2021
Dr. Samuel Ramsey120 minDr. Sam Ramsey
Feb 8, 2021
Diseases and Parasites of the hive
Invaders: Mites, SHB, Wax Months, etc
Bacteria and Fungus: EFB, AFB, etc
Treatments: Treatment Free, Hard and Soft Chemicals
DriftWatch and BeeCheck
75 minLewis Cauble,
Apiary Inspector at NC Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Feb 15 2021
Seasonal Management
60 minScott Davis
Breakout Rooms20 minMentors
Feb 25, 2021
Seasonal Management Summer and Fall60 minScott Davis
Breakout Rooms20 minMentors
March 1, 2021

Most Frequent Problems for a New Beekeeper
Review of some key points covered in class.
Lessons from their beginner beekeeper experiences.
60 minPanel
Review of Apiary Syllabus10 minPat Roe
Closing Comments10 minPat Roe