Conflict of Interest Statement

No board member, officer mentor or board committee member or any member of his/her family should accept any gift, entertainment, service, loan, or promise of future benefits from any person who either personally or whose employees might benefit or appear to benefit from such board or committee member’s connection with HCBA. Board and committee members are expected to work out for themselves the most gracious method of declining gifts, entertainment, and benefits that do not meet this standard.

No board, officer or committee members, or mentor should perform, for any personal gain, services to any HCBA member, supplier of goods or services, consultant, or in any other capacity which promises compensation of any kind, unless the fact of such transaction or contracts are disclosed in good faith, and the board or committee authorizes such a transaction. Similar association by a family member of the board or committee member or by any other close relative may be inappropriate.

No board, officer or committee member, mentor or any member of his/her family should have any beneficial interest in, or substantial obligation to any HCBA supplier of goods or services or any other organization that is engaged in doing business with or serving HCBA unless it has been determined by the board, on the basis of full disclosure of facts, that such interest does not give rise to a conflict of interest.

Any matter of question or interpretation that arises relating to this policy should be referred to the president for decision and/or for referral to the board of directors for decision, where appropriate.

I have received, read and understand fully the Conflict of Interest Statement and will comply with the statement by bringing any potential conflict of interest situations to the board for consideration.