2022 Beginner Bee School Enrollment

Bee School has been Canceled for Monday January 17, 2022 with no Zoom option.

HCBA Bee School starts January 10th, 2022 on Zoom and/or in person and runs for 7 consecutive Mondays.  Additionally there will be several sessions (up to 6 depending on weather) in the Apiary/outdoor area at Historic Johnson Farm on Haywood Rd./Hwy 191 in Hendersonville, NC.   Henderson County Beginner Bee School enrollment requires a current HCBA membership. Please join HCBA by following this link.       Please note-emails to complete registration will be sent to the email address you use for PayPal. 

Once you have joined HCBA, you will receive an email from membership@hcbeekeepers.org.  You must complete the profile and set up your user name and password.  Now that you have a valid  membership, log in to the HCBA website (click here to log in).

At this point, you are finally ready to enroll in the 2022 Beginner Bee School by paying below.  (If you do not see the  button below, you are not logged into this site so you must go to “click here to log in” above).

Apologies for the multi-step process on joining HCBA and then paying for class… its the best I can do on the cheap.

Click on the Buy Now button below to purchase a seat in the 2022 Beginner Bee School. Payment processing is via PayPal.

Now I am going to ask for one more thing…..I know, I know….send an email to info@hcbeekeepers.org and let me know if you want to attend in person or by Zoom and if a spouse or family member will be joining you (free with the family membership).

If you have successfully completed all these steps, you are more than qualified to become a successful Beekeeper!  You might even want to consider running for President (of HCBA, of course).