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Henderson County Beekeepers Association
Henderson County Center
100 Jackson Park Rd
Hendersonville, NC 28792
828 BEE 5623

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Requests for Presentations

Our association receives many invitations to give presentations to community organizations and school groups.  We try to find volunteers to accept as many requests as possible. While some beekeepers are retired, many work full-time jobs and have other responsibilities. Due to the high number of requests and the limited number of beekeepers available, we are unable to speak to every group that asks, but we do our very best. To request a presentation for your group, please contact HCBA board member, Jim Poe, at

Requests to Remove Honey Bee Swarms

Thousands of honey bees have just invaded your property or adjacent area and have temporarily settled in a large clump on a tree, a fence, or on some other object.  The mass of bees, called a swarm, may be as small as a softball or larger than a basketball.  At this stage, the bees do not have a home to defend.  Left undisturbed, they are unlikely to be aggressive or to sting anyone.  It could take several days or just a few hours for the bees to find a permanent home, which could be an undesirable location for you or your neighbors.  It is best to contact a beekeeper as soon as possible.  Please see our swarm list by clicking here to contact a local beekeeper to come collect the swarm and provide it with a new home.

Looking for information about Hendersonville Bee City USA?

On May 11, 2015, Hendersonville became a Bee City USA, the seventh municipality in the country to be so designated.  The City of Hendersonville’s Tree Board and Environmental Sustainability Board coordinate this program by working with community partners to create and sustain healthy habitats for all pollinators and raise awareness of the important roles of pollinators.   Please visit Hendersonville Bee City USA or contact our friends at to learn more.