Mentorship Program

    • HCBA has and will continue to support our fellow beekeepers via mentorship. We are now publishing a list of mentors for those who would like the support.
    • Mentors are HCBA members who volunteer their time to help fellow beekeepers. Varying degrees of knowledge and communication skills are represented on the list. We are all human, at least I think we are, and come with built in imperfections.
    • Mentors don’t know everything about beekeeping, but a good mentor knows where to find a good answer. Perhaps a fellow mentor, their mentor, or a book.
    • Please respect your mentor’s time by having as much information as possible available when you reach out. Dates, actions you have taken, your observations, symptoms, even pictures.
    • Please remember, in beekeeping there is often no ‘right’ answer, but several techniques to accomplish your objective.
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